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Workshops 2017

Medicine Wheel with Cathy Young

Friday 10:00 AM

We will build a Medicine Wheel in the tradition of Native Americans and in the process learn its meaning and purpose. Medicine Wheels help draw good energy to the festival and help protect it. Constructing a Medicine Wheel helps people get in touch and tune with nature. We'll collectively build ours on festival grounds as part of the opening activities for LEAF 2017. No supplies needed.

About Cathy Young:

Catherine Young is an older woman who is determined to spend her crone years learning how to live harmoniously on this incredible planet. She believes that this means learning the ancient ways of honoring the Earth and that he Medicine Wheel is an essential part of that. She lives gratefully on the Llano River.

Foundations of Stone Sculpture with Dean Reganess

Friday 12PM-5PM

Learn the techniques to begin the art of stone sculpture. There is no set project, the workshop develops organically, everyone learning and creating at their own pace and style.

About Dean Reganess:

The sculptor has been in the stone trade for 31 years, and after learning the art of stone sculpture in Ireland, has devoted himself to the preservation of the endangered trade.

Plarn Please with Jan Shapland

Friday 1:00PM-3:00PM

Learn how to up-cycle used plastic bags into plarn. Plarn can be used in the same way as yarn. I will also have samples of crocheted plarn mats and baskets. This is an open attendance workshop -- you are welcome to come by anytime during the session to participate. Plastic bags will be provided, but feel free to bring your own to repurpose!

About Jan Shapland:

I'm a retired elementary school teacher who lives in Buchanan Dam who loves nature and hates seeing plastic bags stuck to trees and floating in lakes.

Yurt Basics with Debra Mastenbrook

Friday 3:00PM-4:00PM

Get up close and personal with a Yurt. Find out what a Yurt is, how a Yurt is made, how it goes up, how it stays up and how it comes down.

About Debra Mastenbrook:

On building yurts- "Yurts are raised like children, most of it is done on your lap."
On the little things you learn along the way- "From Yurting in the dark to Yurting in the park it was a hands-on learning experience."

Primitive Fire with Heath Miller

Saturday 3PM-4PM

​- Demonstration and instruction on making friction fire by hand using all local and natural materials. Will have pre-made sets for folks of all ages to practice and play with.  1-1.5hrs

About Heath Miller- "I have been an instructor at one of the Worlds oldest and most authentic survival schools, Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) since 2009. I specialize in primitive and ancestral living skills like friction fire, edible/medicinal plants and flint knapping. I enjoy working with hide, bone, stone and wood to create most of my own backpacking and hunting gear, including pack frame, bow, arrows quiver, knives, gourd canteen and footwear. I have lived off the land "hunter/gatherer" style and know that Mother Earth provides all we need. I believe that as a species we have become disconnected from Nature and desperately need to find our way back to a point of living in harmony with the Earth. Take only what we need, leave no trace and show respect by giving back to Mother Earth and all its beautful forms of Life"

Hill Country Permaculture with Rick Wright

Friday 4:00PM-5:00PM

An overview of sustainability and introduction to permanent dryland agriculture in the Texas Hill Country. A look at natural building and holistic management showing the difference between natural building and green building, with a nod to organic gardening and farming, alternative healing and lifestyle, community and family.

About Rick Wright:

Introduced Permaculture to Quiet Valley Ranch with 4 others in 2003 and facilitated 5 Pc Design Certification classes. We held a Natural Building Colloquium at the ranch with 49 presenters in 9 days in 2007.

Identification of Native Plants with Fred Reyna

Friday or Saturday 10:00 am TBD

About Fred Reyna:

Fred works with the local National Resource Conservation Service.

Joy on the Djembe - Intro to West African Rhythm with Mae Stoll

Saturday 12PM-1PM

After a quick history of West African Rhythm and the Djembe, we'll jump right in and learn the basics - correct position, correct technique and how to produce the main sounds. We'll learn the parts to a traditional West African rhythm and enjoy the rhythmic harmony when we put it all together.
Suggested $8 - $10/person donation. All donations go directly to our Charity Fund benefitting two non-profit organizations. Vela (empowering families with special needs children) and Adventurers Academy for Lifelong Learning - (supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Austin, Texas area connect with their community, develop greater lifelong independence and achieve their full potential through social, educational, recreational, and vocational experiences.)

About Mae Stoll:

Mae Stoll has been teaching West African percussion in Austin for the past nine years. She is passionate about the Djembe and the Djuns and about the music they were created to play. A rigorous learning experience in Guinea, West Africa solidified her calling to the drum, and now her mission is to share the joy of this music with as many people as possible and to use the drum to do good in the community. Her "DrumForGOOD!" drummers have given over 260 public performances in central Texas, and in the last four years have raised over $33,000 through performances and other FUNdraising events, all of which they have donated to charitable causes.

Branch Weaving Craft Bar with Anna Teixeira

Saturday 1PM-3PM

Learn and practice the art of stick and yarn weaving. This will be an open "craft bar" workshop. Participants are invited to join as long as they want. 

About Anna Teixeira:

Anna Teixeira began working in non-profit educational and arts institutions, then decided to start Crafty Girl in 2011. She now offers art and craft classes, workshops, and pop-up "Craft Bars" all over Austin.

Transformational Gong with Anne Marie

Saturday 3PM-4PM

You are warmly invited to a powerful Sonic Journey with Transformational Gong and to learn more about the powerful modality of Sound Healing. For more information, please visit

About Anne Marie:

Anne Marie is a Transformational Facilitator of Aurora Healing Arts, and the arms, legs, wheels and mouth for this amazingly gifted Gong, for whom she has been the steward 8 years.

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