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Schedule is subject to change  without notice.


10:15 Carlos Cedillo Sitar

11:15 Manny and Teru

12:00 Interview w/ Sean Corcorran of Ireland

1:00 J.J. Garret

2:00 Interview w/ James Brunt of Yorkshire, UK

3:00 Jamie Shelton Belly Dance

3:30 Trainwreck Shipping Company

4:45 Interview w/ Sterling Gregory of USA

5:30 Cosmic Cowboys

6:45 Soul Tribe

7:45 Gus Miller Band

9:00 Fire Dancers



10:15 DJ Sunset feat. TRC

11:15 Rock Balance Competition

12:30 Interview w/ Richard and Julia Shilling of UK

1:00 The Great Trumpet

2:00 Interview w/ Laurence Winram of Edinburgh, Scotland

2:45 Mind's Eye

4:00 Garret Lebaou

5:00 Interview w/ Michael Grab of Colorado

6:00 Rockstacking Awards

6:15 Henry Invisible

7:15 Fashion Circus

8:00 Golden Dawn Arkestra

10:00 Fire Dancers


10:15 Britney Doyal

11:15 Jenuine Chello

12:30 Pedaltrain of Thought

1:45 Lorien- Tribal Fusion

2:15 Interview w/ Mark Ford of UK

2:45 Artists Round Table

4:30 Rockstacking Awards

5:45 Canyon Wren

6:15 Saltwater Slide




10:00 Solo Height

10:00 Jr. Height

12:00 Team Height

2:00 Solo Balance

4:00 Rock Skipping

6:00 Rockstacking Awards on the Main Stage


10:00-4:00 Artistic (Solo or Team)

10:00 Solo Quantity

12:00 Solo Arches

2:00 Team Arches

4:30 Rockstacking Awards on the Main Stage




10:15-11:15 Weaving 101

11:30-12:30 Nature Mandalas

1:00-2:00 Unity Tree Planting

2:30-3:30 Adult Dance Workshop- Dance w/ Wings

3:45-5:15 Ecstactic Dance

5:00-6:00 Sunset Meditation


10:00-10:45 Kids Yoga/Mindful Play

11:00-12:00 My Moral Compass- Storytime with Patty St. Louis

1:00-1:45 Pirate University

2:00-2:50 Body Balance and Mind Centering

3:00-3:50 Cutting Board Art

4:00-4:55 Vibrating From Fear To Love

5:00 Fashion Circus


10:00-11:20 Movement Therapy with Painting

11:30-12:15 Kids Freestyle Dance

1:00-3:00 Natural Paint Making

3:00-4:30 Meet the Irishman! A guided tour of LEAF with artist Sean Corcoran

All Day Collaborative Art Display with James Brunt (on Big Art Island by the Bamboo Dome)

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