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Music Schedule

Schedule is subject to change  without notice.


10:00 Gong Meditation with Teresa Lyles of KundaConscious 

10:30 Manny & Teru

11:30 Harper Rush & Margiflows

12:15 Rolling Frumkin Review

1:15 Jamie Shelton Belly Dance

1:30 Jenuine Cello

2:45 The Awkard Jaybirds

4:00 The Great Trumpet

5:15 Dizzle Magic

6:00 Saltwater Slide

7:15 Daikaiju

8:30 Margiflows Dance

9:00 Spoonfed Tribe



10:00 Gong Meditation with Teresa Lyles of KundaConscious

10:25 Cheeky Peacock Belly Dance

11:00 Zander Burns

12:15 Indaskies

1:30 Electric Blue Yonder

2:45 Dizzle Magic

3:00 Saltwater Slide

4:00 Mind's Eye Muse

5:15 Tea Aguilar

6:00 Rockstacking Awards

6:30 Fashion Circus

7:00 Jo James

8:30 Flying Balalaika Brothers

9:30 Sangre Del Sol Fire Dance

9:55 Govinda


10:00 Gong Meditation with Teresa Lyles of KundaConscious

10:20 Carlos Cedillo classical guitar

11:00 Uncle Momma Kitty

12:00 Formative Fire

1:30 What You Will

2:30 VW Awards

3:00 Phoebe Hunt

4:15 Current Quartet

5:00 Rockstacking Awards

6:00 Saltwater Slide


11:00 Gong Meditation with Teresa Lyles of KundaConscious

11:30 Manny & Teru

12:30 Uncle Momma Kitty

1:45  Rock Skipping Awards

2:00   Shadow Hawks

4:00   Wi'deya




10:00 Solo Height

12:00 Jr. Height

2:00 Team Height

4:00 Solo Balance

6:00 Rockstacking Awards on the Main Stage


10:00-4:00 Artistic (Solo or Team)

10:00 Solo Quantity

12:00 Solo Arches

2:00 Team Arches

5:00 Rockstacking Awards on the Main Stage


12:00 Rock Skipping

1:45 Rock Skipping Awards on the Main Stage




10am-10pm Suitcase Musik

11:00am Ignite Healing

12:15pm Primitive Fire Making

1pm-7pm Giant Parade Puppet

2:00pm Fire Cairn Installation...

4:00pm Llano Uplift Plant Walk

4:15pm Hatha Yoga

5:30pm Henna 101


10am-6pm Giant Parade Puppet

10am-10pm Suitcase Musik

10:00am Flow with Breath Yoga

10:00am Creating Sand Globes 

10:30am Land Art for Kids 

11:15am Your Inner Bubble...

11:30 Aliens from Planet Earth

11:30am Creating Hairwrapz

12:30am Magic for Kids

1:00pm Fire Cairn Installation...

1:30pm Pirate University

2:00pm Cedar Choppers...

2:00pm Land Art for Kids

2:15pm Beginner Poi Spinning

3:30pm Kids Yoga

4:00pm Art and Kundalini Yoga

5:00pm Ancient Rocks 101

5:15pm Yoga for All


10am-10pm Suitcase Musik

10am Art and Kundalini Yoga

11am Llano Uplift Plant Walk

11:45am Kids Yoga...

12:45am Ancient Rocks 101

12:45pm Ignite Healing...

2:00pm Scottish Country Dance

3:45pm Primitive Fire Making

4pm Quartz Crystal Sound Bath

5:30pm Henna 101

5:45pm Restorative Meditation

6:00pm Meet the Irishman!


10am-3pm Suitcase Musik

10am-3pm Rock Painting

11am Llano Uplift Plant Walk

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