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Looking for a roof over your head? There are plenty of hotel and B&B options:


Camping at LEAF puts you close to the festival and in the middle of all the fun.  


Unfortunately, Pets will not be allowed in the festival grounds or Grenwelge Park camping area.


Tent Camping in Grenwelge Park- $50

Car Camping in Grenwelge Park- $100

FYI- A festival ticket must be purchased for all persons who are camping. 

A Camping Ticket, by itself, does not include entry into LEAF. 

Get your Tent and Car Camping Tickets Here


Car Camping Info:

Car Camping is first come, first serve.  Spots fill up fast.  Arrive Thursday to have the best chance of camping in the festival grounds. 

Unfortunately, LEAF is unable to accommodate RV's at our venue.  There are several RV parks in the Llano area.  Please make arrangements with one of those, if you plan to bring an RV. 

Tent Camping Info:

Tent camping is also first come first serve. Some sights can be reached by vehicle to drop off your gear. Your vehicle is allowed one hour in the tent camping area on Thursday only. Vehicles are strictly forbidden in the tent camping area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tent camping sights are for one tent. Up to 4 people can inhabit the site. We also suggest that groups of tent campers set up a THEME CAMP if at all possible.

But what is a theme camp??

Theme Camp FAQs:


What is a Theme Camp?

Theme Camps are an integral and magical part of LEAF, and a wonderful gift that you and your friends can offer the LEAF community. It starts when you and one or more of your friends/family decide to camp together -- and then y'all decide to make your camp space fun for others attending LEAF who might visit your camp. Creating a fun name for your camp, and then promoting that name before and during the fest, can also be an exciting part of your experience at LEAF.

Is it necessary to create a Theme Camp in order to tent camp at LEAF?

No. Tent camping is an important part of building community at LEAF and we’re excited that you’re considering tent camping at the fest.  The creation of a Theme Camp, while not required, is highly encouraged.

What kind of Theme Camp can we create?

Theme Camps can be, and usually are, very modest starting out, but generally build toward greatness in subsequent years of fest attendance. A Theme Camp can be something as simple as a quiet space you offer, within you camp site, to others attending LEAF, perhaps also offering a cool (or maybe hot) drink and the sharing of a song or piece of poetry. A Theme Camp may also be a heavily decorated (themed) campsite offering some kind of highly unique mini-party or interactive art experience at LEAF. The choice is yours. You are only limited by your imagination while staying within the bounds of safety, respect for others attending the fest and, of course, respecting the land, river and all LEAF guidelines, local Llano ordinances and county and Texas state laws. Just let us know what kind of Theme Camp you’re intending by registering your Theme Camp.


Why should I register our Theme Camp?

Register your theme camp so that the LEAF committee can assign you a space based upon the type and size of your camp, and based upon requirements you have for your camp, and so that we can put your camp on the LEAF map so that others attending LEAF will know where to find your camp.   By registering and describing your theme camp to us, we can also let you know if any aspect of your Theme Camp may be inappropriate.


Can we arrive early to set-up our Theme Camp?

Yes you can arrive as early as Thursday March 10 to begin setting up your theme camp.


Can we have a fire, loud music, bright lights and a power source at our Theme Camp?

Fires are permissible if there is not a City or County burn ban in effect.  If no burn ban is in effect, you may have a small personal camp fire that is ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES.  Fires must be completely encircled by rocks or in a small pit dug into the ground.



IF YOU ARE NOT STANDING WITHING 15 FEET OF YOUR FIRE IT MUST NE EXTINGUISHED!!! Failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave without refund. All fires must have a fire extinguisher or 5 gallon bucket of water near the fire at all times. Fires must be completely extinguished when not attended.


Generators are absolutely not allowed.  There is no electricity provided for campsites. We highly encourage solar lights.


Lights and noise are permissible within the bounds of common sense and respect for others near your camp and other events taking place nearby. If your lights are flashing into another camp, it’s probably inappropriate. If your drumming is drowning out an acoustic music set nearby, it’s probably inappropriate. 


What are my responsibilities regarding my Theme Camp at the end of LEAF?

LEAF is “Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out” event. Honoring the natural environment of the fest grounds is an important part of LEAF. Your Theme Camp should cause no lasting damage to the natural area and you should put nothing unnatural in the river that is not removed. You are asked to completely remove all parts of your Theme Camp from the grounds at the end of the fest. Recycling and composting bins also will be available for your daily use. Please leave the land and the river better than you found it. Please also leave the people you meet better than you found them.


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